My aim with these Blogs is to pass on simple, easy, tips and hints for improved well-being.  I avoid suggesting anything unpleasant or prohibitively expensive as I prefer the bang-for your-buck  interventions;  the ones that under-promise and over-deliver!

Good Health shouldn’t  have to be an expensive or elusive quest.  I don’t post too often either as excessive advice is just as annoying as not having enough information; there are only so many hours in a day to get everything done.

In Clinic Response to Corona

South Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic, in keeping with government guidelines, is continuing to provide services at this time. All the expected hygiene requirements are, of course, […]

Importance of looking after your health in the new 'Corona Virus' world

Corona virus is part of a family of respiratory viruses that include the Common Cold.  For the overwhelming majority of people it will present as […]

Chill Out

This blog is probably for the more hardy/stoic wellness  aficionado,  but has some simple ideas that can be incorporated into our day without much fuss. […]

Gut instinct

“If you’re healthy on the inside, you’ll be healthy on the outside!!   As the title implies, this is blog is about gut health. But […]

Treating stubborn injuries with Acupuncture

Greetings all from Dr. Joshua Brohier care of South Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic in (currently) sunny Middle Park! One of the treatment tools I get tremendous […]
nutrient for our wellbeing

Just Breathe

  If we had to nominate the most important nutrient for our wellbeing it would uncontestably be oxygen.  No other nutrient is anywhere near as  […]

Natural Management Techniques for Muscle & Joint Pain

  In my clinical practice clients often seek my opinion on how to relieve joint and muscle pain in a natural drug free way. One […]

Natural Immune Boosters

With autumn well underway now is the time to give you immunity a boost before the cold and flu season hits. I find a natural […]

Walking towards a Healthier Brain

There is good evidence to suggest that walking is a useful tool in helping to stave off cognitive decline as we age; and this does […]

Turmeric, the spice of life!

Turmeric is, probably, the most clinically researched spice.   Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are very well documented, both as food and nutraceutical (supplement).  Turmeric is certainly […]

Good news .....Stiff and sore is not inevitable

;Hi there! Stiff and Sore .. Check out this five minute Youtube presentation by the very entertaining Dr Gill Hedley;  its an excellent encouragement to […]

Time to Make a Stand - it's NEAT!

Ah, a new acronym; NEAT: non-exercise activity thermogenesis (thermogenesis means “to burn calories thus creating heat”) But what does it mean?? NEAT was coined Dr. James Levine, a […]

If you have Arthritis then Boron Is not Boring!

The wear ‘n tear condition, Osteoarthritis (OA), is very prevalent in Australia – this is not a news flash to you I’m sure! Anti-inflammatory drugs […]

The life saving benefits of donating blood (and it's not what you may think!)

The life you save through donating blood might be your own! Research reveals an 88% reduction in risk of heart-attack for those who donate blood! […]


 BALANCE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP Fermented Foods naturally assist the beneficial bacteria in our gut, thus enhancing and supporting our digestive, immune, lymphatic and nervous systems. […]

"The Sports Injury"

Sports Injury – South Melbourne Osteopath Clinic Let’s take the pulled hamstring or calf as a pretty typical example of a sports injury and see […]

Osteopathic Clinic in Middle Park - Coconut Oil

Whilst my primary role as an Osteopath in the health profession is the treatment of structural aches and pains, I’m always on the lookout for […]

Middle Park Osteopath

Renowned Middle Park Osteopath Dr Joshua Brohier is a highly qualified, dedicated professional with extensive clinical experience in Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Bowen and Emmett technique.  Josh has […]

“Diabetes is the opposite of good!

This month’s blog is on living a healthy life whilst managing diabetes. The following  link to ABC Online will take you a short interview with […]


“It is universally agreed that exercise is a good thing for both body, and  mind. But, to apply the old adage, too much of anything […]

7 Health Benefits of Chocolate

So we all know that chocolate comes from cocoa beans  (the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree) but what you may not realise is that […]

Who knew....Coffee's good for you!

Came across these two interesting articles recently published on Medscape regarding the positive impact of coffee drinking on type 2 diabetes and liver health; enjoy! […]


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Principle Snr Osteopath, Dr Joshua Brohier a highly qualified, dedicated professional with extensive clinical experience in Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Bowen and Emmett technique. Josh has established […]