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Common problems 

We provide treatment and relief for many common ailments, including: acute or chronic muscular pain; headaches and migraines; back, neck and shoulder pain; sciatica; sports injuries;  postural problems; asthma; pregnancy-related pain; childhood aches and pains; sleep disorders; digestive problems; jaw joint pain; and asthma.

First visit

 Relax. Your first visit is easy and effective. It starts 15 minutes ahead-of-time when you complete our ‘new patient’ commencement form. This form provides us with an overview of your medical history and current health and wellbeing status. We then provide a diagnosis of your injury, a clear management strategy and immediate, hands-on therapeutic care.

Health Insurance

Client can claim private health rebates from their participating health funds at the time of care.


Monday to Friday, 8.30am-7.00pm
Saturday, 9.00am-2.00pm
Sunday, closed


179 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park, VIC, 3206

Public transport

Catch #96 Light Rail to stop 131, Fraser Street station. Clinic a two-minute walk along Canterbury Rd.

Catch #112 tram to stop 140, Patterson St, St Kilda West. Clinic a two-minute walk along Fraser St to Canterbury Rd.


Free parking spots are available outside the clinic entrance.


We do not write or fill prescriptions.


Referrals to South Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic are common – but not required.

Your comfort 

Please note that any therapy used during a consultation will be well within your comfort zone.  Josh will ensure that you are relaxed and clear about the treatment method to be applied in your specific case.  The aim is a stress-free, pain-free consultation – one in which your comfort and confidence is a key priority.

Professional Memberships