“Diabetes is the opposite of good!

This month’s blog is on living a healthy life whilst managing diabetes.

The following  link to ABC Online will take you a short interview with Dr. Troy Stapleton, a radiologist from Sydney;-


Troy developed Type 1 diabetes in his early 40’s; much to his surprise as he is very fit and well.

In any case, being a doctor, he dutifully followed the medical guidelines he was given by fellow doctors.

But he soon realized the “expert” information he was being asked to follow was both scientifically irrational and worsened his condition. So he did his own homework and took a better path – cut out the carbs rather than the fats.

Whether wrestling with a diabetic condition, or needing to lose weight for cardiovascular health, the standard advice is to cut out fats. This is unfortunate because science has known for years that it’s the carbs that push up weight gain; in trials it’s been shown that if you let mice eat as much fat as they want that don’t overeat or get obese. However if you let them have unrestricted access to carbs you end up with cute, cuddly, chubby mice!!

 So, if any of this applies to yourself or a loved one, this is crucially important listening.


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