Treating stubborn injuries with Acupuncture

Greetings all from Dr. Joshua Brohier care of South Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic in (currently) sunny Middle Park!

acupunctureOne of the treatment tools I get tremendous use and value out of is Acupuncture. I have been applying it in my practice for over twenty years now and am still amazed at the results clients receive. I have found Acupuncture is particularly effective in assisting to resolve the more stubborn shoulder, lower back, and knee problems that have been resistant to other forms of treatment. Acupuncture is also extremely effective in treating stubborn Achilles tendon problems – I have had tremendous results in patients particularly those who have responded poorly to extensive sport medicine injections and other forms of therapy.For me, Acupuncture has become an almost indispensable treatment tool for some of the pain conditions I see.  But a fabulous example of the value Acupuncture has come to me recently via my dear ol’ Dad!

He limped into my treatment room the other day complaining of sudden onset of left hip and leg pain. My initial approach utilized gentle Osteopathic muscle and joint therapy to free up his hip and spine, thus taking pressure off the nerves that went down his leg. We certainly got good improvements doing this, but the leg pain was being stubborn and something more was required. After a bit of probing and poking around, I detected a muscle on the side of the hip that shot pain down into exactly where Dad felt it. A couple of Acupuncture needles into that spot and the improvements where immediately forthcoming.acupuncture-back

Often a pain condition that looks a lot like either a disc, or a hip joint problem, reveals itself to be a big, fat, muscle knot! An excellent example of where Acupuncture is almost indispensable for resolving this kind of oddity.



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