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Whilst my primary role as an Osteopath in the health profession is the treatment of structural aches and pains, I’m always on the lookout for easy to implement and good value wellness ideas.

After all, well-being is a bodily thing and a person in good health obviously experiences less aches and pains then someone who is not.

So from my desk at our Osteopathic Clinic in Middle Park comes this month’s bang-for -your buck tip: coconut oil!

Am sitting here eating it with a teaspoon out of the jar…..yum !

As far as super-foods go, it must be the most versatile and value for money one there is;  everything from improved cardiovascular health to reducing abdominal fat.  Not to mention glowing healthy skin and improved immune function.

It can also be used as a moisturizer  and a cooking oil.  Unlike other oils it isn’t damaged by heat thus making it excellent for stir fries etc (obviously only if you like the taste of coconut).

The super-food equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for sure!

I’ve provided a couple of links to some brief and engaging information about coconut oil;  The Authority Nutrition site has a nice concise list of benefits; the ABC online link contains a brief and very well-informed talk by an scientist expert in this field.

Got me pondering lamingtons and Bounty bars now



coconut 2


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