Good news …..Stiff and sore is not inevitable

;Hi there! Stiff and Sore ..

Check out this five minute Youtube presentation by the very entertaining Dr Gill Hedley;  its an excellent encouragement to maintain some sort of regular, life-long exercise habit.

stiff and soreDr.  Gill, an anatomist, graphically demonstrates the actual physical changes that take place in the body leading to stiffness and loss of mobility over time when we are sedentary. He also makes it clear how easy it to prevent the changes taking hold.  The key lesson to be learnt –  movement and stretching is imperative to maintain the sliding properties of tissues in the body.

This is importantk knowledge for you, me, our pets, everyone!

Not sure what stretches you should do for your body if you feel stiff and sore?

No drama ….. Sth Melbourne Osteopathic clinic  can guide you in which stretches are appropriate for  preventing and/or eliminating your ‘fuzz’.

good health and movement

Dr Joshua

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